Use the water efficiency check list 

By conducting a thorough audit of the water use in your city or municipality you save up to 30% on your current water user in a few easy steps.

With the checklist:  

  •  You identify all water points in the municipal buildings. 
  • You can detect a number of small defects on irregularities.
  • You can find useful tips per type of water use.

Over 80 municipalities are in, are you?


Rational water use in cities and municipalities

Take a Vlakwa training and conduct water audits yourself

We have developed a training for technical staff of cities and municipalities. Starting point: a thorough audit, based on a checklist and a number of easy changes and you can save up to 30% on your current water use.


The training consists of these components:

toilets and urinals, taps, showers, warm-water preparation, water treatment devices, watering systems, washing machines and dish washers, the pipe network, filling systems for pools and fountains, pumps,…


Target group

Technical maintenance staff and managers for local government buildings

Technical maintenance staff for public buildings



Half a day

More info and training schedule

Want to know more?

We are happy to help you with more info on the Rational Water Management Plan or the training programme.