Sharing knowledge

Our Vlakwa expert team is happy to share their knowledge with your company if you are planning to implement an innovative water system in your day-to-day operations.

Setting up partnerships

Vlakwa will connect you to the right partners to integrate water solutions into your company.

Make use of our expertise

Vlakwa can help you implement water innovations into your company through multiple initiatives and services.
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Free advice from our experts

Through the LED water initiative we provide free first line advice to SME’s.

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Register for our events

We host plenty of events each year to introduce the latest water trends and innovations.

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Use our water databases

We bundled all of our water expertise and technology here.

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Cooperate with the right parties

We have a good overview in all parties involved in water innovation, both in Belgium and abroad.


Get in touch with water innovation providers

Vlakwa disposes of an extensive network of organisations that can help implement a water solution.


Find the right partners

Vlakwa is in close contact with companies and researchers working on water innovation, which allows us to set up the right partnerships.


Take part in an Open Call

Vlakwa regularly invites consortia of companies and organisations to submit demonstration and dissemination projects about sustainable and innovative technologies, products or concepts in the water domain.

Vlakwa has taken part in over 60 sustainable success stories, and counting.

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