Our mission

The Flemish Knowledge Centre Water is the independent intermediary operating for the integral water cycle. Vlakwa initiates, coordinates and facilitates cooperation, experience and knowledge exchange, and knowledge building. To obtain this, we take on an integrated approach with maximal international connectivity.

Businesses, researchers, authorities and the water sector work together in the Flemish Knowledge Centre Water to

1)    Respond to the large strategic, industrial and societal importance of water in Flanders and,
2)    To stand against the fragmentation in water management.


Our vision

Vlakwa want to contribute to the greening of Flemish economy and wants to stimulate the socio-economic development of the Flanders region.


  • By offering demand-driven innovative solutions for sustainable water use and reuse
  • By speeding up the valorisation trajectory

Vlakwa relies on networking and multi-stakeholder partnerships to put these values into practice.


Our goal

Because its pivotal function in the Flemish water landscape, Vlakwa supports partnerships and adds to an improved valorisation of the know-how in Flanders and beyond. Vlakwa strives for more businesses whose innovation efforts result in growth – both economic growth and job growth. Apart from that, Flanders needs to be able to provide a stable economic climate through thorough control over water challenges.

Action lines

Vlakwa helpt businesses, researchers and authorities to innovate and implement water solutions. The emphasis is on a systemic point of view on water challenges, water innovation projects and upscaling successful innovations.

Our stakeholders

Our stakeholders are represented in a focus group, consisting of an extensive network of water interest groups. The focus group guarantees interaction with the stakeholders, creates transparency towards the broader water sector and watches that Vlakwa is committed to all stakeholders.



KU Leuven, Ghent University, University of Antwerp, Free University of Brussels-VUB, VITO, Inagro, Howest University of Applied Sciences, Flanders Hydraulic Research


food by FEVIA and FVPhouse, agriculture by Algemeen Boerensyndicaat and Boerenbond, chemistry by essenscia, fabrics and wood by Fedustria, the metals industry by GSV, the maritime sector by the Blue Cluster and lastly Unizo and VOKA


Department LNE (Environment, Nature and Energy), Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Vlaio), Flanders Investment & Trade, Province of West-Flanders, POM West-Flanders, Province of Antwerp

The water sector

watercircle.be, VLARIO, Aquaflanders, Aquafin, De Watergroep, IWVA, Pidpa, AGSO and water-link


Our revenues

Vlakwa's revenues


  • The Flemish operating resources amount to 822.400 euros in 2021. These resources are intended to maximise Vlakwa’s impact for its target groups. This number is indexed. 
  • Membership contributions complement the operating resources. For the period 2016-2021 this was roughly 25.000 euros a year.
  • The Provincial Development Society (POM) West-Flanders and the Province of Antwerp provide budget for SME support. These resources are intended for the LED initiative and demonstration. In 2021 this is 178.000 euros.
Steunbalk Vlakwa 21


Our operating resources

Vlakwa's operating resources



Leverage effect

Apart from these operating resources, Vlakwa also actively commits to attracting European and Flemish research resources to co-finance Flemish water innovations. Vlakwa plays for instance an active role in selecting and submitting Flemish and European projects. Over the last years no less than 63 million euros in project grants were allocated to Flemish and international consortia. About 30 million went to Flemish partners, and Vlakwa uses around 3 million to coordinate, communicate and disseminate projects. This makes Vlakwa into an important tool in Flemish socio-economic water policy.